Monday, January 23, 2006

Entire country gets a three-on-one break-away

In June of 2004 American wonder-blob Michael Moore decided to show his customary respect for anyone other than Americans by paying Canada the compliment of crossing the northern border and illegally interfering with its federal election. To nobody's great surprise he was stumping for the ruling Liberals, which put him squarely on the side of, among other things, confiscatory taxes he himself would never be willing to pay (as we learn from Peter Schweizer's exposé of left-wing hypocrisy, Do As I Say (Not As I Do), not to mention giving his approval to laughable lies, systemic corruption, and massive theft from the taxpayer.

Well, like a bad penny Moore's back,
spouting off to Canada with his unsolicited advice on how to vote today, despite his aw-shucks disclaimer, "Far be it from me, as an American, to suggest what you should do"-- which is exactly what he's doing. But again, to nobody's great surprise, it doesn't look like anyone is listening. He is yesterday's blob, and we're not into day-old.

On Friday the Toronto Sun performed a tremendous public service by publishing "218 reasons NOT to vote for the Liberals" This is a solid effort-- no Letterman Top Ten List of embarrssing little funnies, but a 218-count indictment of a cabal of crooks. Okay, Canada, cue the dancing beavers, the strutting lumberjacks, the gap-toothed shinny-kings, the Dudley Do-Right patrol, and the Majestic Moose and Goose procession, and tell these Lying Liberals to go Sugar-Off!