Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thumpthin' sthpecial? Nah.

Is it BLOGGER, or just the Blogger?

[I say this because the new Blogger set-up irritates the bejeebers out of me -- because, being a good conservative, I believe that all change is bad, even change for the better.]

I continue to be bloggily flabby these days, putting my random thoughts up on Facebook, where my 50-odd friends can read them, rather than on my blog where they might reach my 8 or 10 regular readers (!) -- it's just so much quicker and easier, and that's what it's all about these days, right?

Very Busy doing Mother of the Groom stuff for a wedding just 6 weeks away on the opposite side of the continent.  (Long-distance preparations for that just came back to bite me in the arse -- see below...)  Also, I am ducking more serious thoughts, expressed at considerable length, until Cincinnatus is wheels-down on CONUS (Continental United States) soil, back from the 'Stan and all the hijinks (Haji-nks?) of Camp Bastion, just a short dusty ride from beautiful downtown Kandahar.  When we have achieved that little maneuver within the next [REDACTED!!!!] I will breathe again, and then perhaps start breathing fire about all that sucks in the Cosmos.

Till then I will be content to say:

Oh crap -- just got a call from the bank (WAS IT THE BANK?????) telling me of three mysterious charges for $1.00, 78 cents, and $500 worth of Lego.  Think it was a kid?!  Grandson?  Was that you?  Yet another VISA card on its way to me.  At least this time I didn't leave it at a cash register somewhere.  (Or under a luggage cart at De Gaulle airport...)  This time I just left it hanging out on the freakin' INTERNET!!!  Mostly I love the modern world.  Other times I think we should still be conducting all purchases via the Wells Fargo Wagon.