Thursday, April 10, 2008


It would take an air-traffic controller to sort out the lawsuits flying back and forth over Canadian skies, in the ongoing effort to make sure that Canadian standards of civility are maintained, those standards being:

(a) No one will ever say, publish, or THINK any idea which could be found discomfiting or offensive to any Muslimist, atheist, homosexualist, or pro-abortionist person, institution, or pet rabbit.

(b) Statute (a) will apply selectively and decreasingly to Jewists, but only if they are liberalists and either atheists or secularists.

(c) If Christianists or pro-life-ists or conservatists (large or small "C") of any persuasion whatever think that any provision of Statute (a) might successfully be applied to them, they are smokin' somethin' and it ain't incense.

(d) Statute (c) goes double for Catholicists, unless they are also liberalists, pro-choicists, and fans of 1960's hymns by Marty Haugen and David Haas. (see here)

The latest victims of Human Rights Commission abuse are Canadian bloggers, one of whom is the formidable (in both Official Languages) Kathy Shaidle over at Five Feet of Fury, where all the latest developments are being monitored by the minute.

I do feel quite neglected since there are no complaints about my blog -- nor, to my knowledge, have any of the articles I wrote years ago for
Catholic Insight Magazine been singled out in the multi-page (content dating to 1994) Human Rights Complaint filed against the publication last December (more here) .

Meanwhile, the complaint against columnist-to-the-world and journalistic god
Mark Steyn appears to have been dropped, and the Commission just settled for a summary verdict of Guilty on one count of violating Statue (a) above.

Apparently Chief Commissioner of the Ontario HRC, Barbara Hall (at right, photographically speaking), has found the appropriate role model for the exercise of her responsibilities: The Queen of Hearts' Prime Directive --