Saturday, January 14, 2012


This is just too funny: Newt is telling his PAC to fix or withdraw their film on the evils of Bain Capital under Mitt Romney's tenure, because it contains some, er, lies. But who is the real villain?

Who really turfed people out of jobs in Marianna, FL, AFTER Bain sold the successfully re-structured company? Who bought Unimac from Bain, shut the whole operation down and moved to Wisconsin?

Why, it was that most notoriously cut-throat of venture capital operations, 'Teachers Private Capital, the private-equity arm of the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan', says the Wall Street Journal. That's right folks! The Ontario [that's CANADA] public school teachers' union -- those dog-eat-dog capitalists who own pieces of international airports around the the world, and who just sold their majority share in the Toronto Maple Leafs, because they do NOT like LOSERS.

So Bain helped the workers recover, get raises and promotions, and have a better life. Then Ontario Teachers (because it's all for the children, right?) laid them all off and took their jobs to another state.

[hat-tip to the Wall Street Journal -- subscriber only online, but trust me, I read it in the dead tree, and it's all there]

The NewtPAC's anti-Bain film trailer is
here. It's short, but there are enough clichés to satisfy anyone's appetite for cheesy self-parody worthy of Saturday Night Live. I kept waiting for that nasty banker Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life to pop up, pulling George Bailey's money out of his newspaper.

Who is the 'bane' indeed?