Thursday, February 28, 2013


Effective today, Pope Benedict XVI descends the throne of Peter and leaves the Catholic Church with the task of praying itself into a new era, a new Pope, a man with the fortitude to guide the Barque of Peter through the treacherous waters of the present day.  No one will pray more fervently for the triumph of the Holy Spirit than the retired Bishop Emeritus of Rome, who will live in peaceful seclusion on the fringes of the struggles, intrigues, and majesties of the Holy See.  And we your children pray and give thanksgiving for the strength, wisdom, and love that you have lavished upon us these eight years, dear Papa.  Ave, ave, ave.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thumpthin' sthpecial? Nah.

Is it BLOGGER, or just the Blogger?

[I say this because the new Blogger set-up irritates the bejeebers out of me -- because, being a good conservative, I believe that all change is bad, even change for the better.]

I continue to be bloggily flabby these days, putting my random thoughts up on Facebook, where my 50-odd friends can read them, rather than on my blog where they might reach my 8 or 10 regular readers (!) -- it's just so much quicker and easier, and that's what it's all about these days, right?

Very Busy doing Mother of the Groom stuff for a wedding just 6 weeks away on the opposite side of the continent.  (Long-distance preparations for that just came back to bite me in the arse -- see below...)  Also, I am ducking more serious thoughts, expressed at considerable length, until Cincinnatus is wheels-down on CONUS (Continental United States) soil, back from the 'Stan and all the hijinks (Haji-nks?) of Camp Bastion, just a short dusty ride from beautiful downtown Kandahar.  When we have achieved that little maneuver within the next [REDACTED!!!!] I will breathe again, and then perhaps start breathing fire about all that sucks in the Cosmos.

Till then I will be content to say:

Oh crap -- just got a call from the bank (WAS IT THE BANK?????) telling me of three mysterious charges for $1.00, 78 cents, and $500 worth of Lego.  Think it was a kid?!  Grandson?  Was that you?  Yet another VISA card on its way to me.  At least this time I didn't leave it at a cash register somewhere.  (Or under a luggage cart at De Gaulle airport...)  This time I just left it hanging out on the freakin' INTERNET!!!  Mostly I love the modern world.  Other times I think we should still be conducting all purchases via the Wells Fargo Wagon.