Tuesday, February 12, 2008

(where? where?... huh? )

I just Google-mapped Israel to find a certain street in Jerusalem so I could a direct someone to shop there.

Good luck, sweetie.

Surprise --
Israel is blank.

The West Bank is delineated by a dashed line, but the country is otherwise uniformly grey -- no roads, cities, placenames, rivers, airports, features of any kind whatsoever.

Is this bigotry and hatred at work? Or just garden-variety cowardice? Or maybe Israel's just hiding, to save its scrawny neck from the bad guys.

Who cares. It's life. It's Google. It's a scandal. It's B.S., big-time. (screw 'em all -- Yahoo maps, Mapquest and Multimap are equally useless.)

Mostly it's Madmood Ahmadinnerjacket's dream come true -- that's the main point.

Israel -- POOF!!!! [Kaboom]

So nice of
Google to accommodate him.