Friday, February 13, 2009


And this one came from #1 son, who thought I should post this, s
ince military protocols demand that he probably shouldn't oughta do it himself.

From Uncle
Jimbo at Blackfive


It is just this simple, Mr. Wannabe Commander in Chief, and I say "wannabe" because, while you hold the title, you
haven't earned it or the trust of the troops yet. The first Special Forces team room I walked into had a sign over the Captain's desk that said, "Shut up sir, we'll throw you a pen when we need you to sign something". That sign stayed up for every new Captain assigned to a team of seasoned NCOs to serve as their Detachment Commander, and it only came down when he had gained the trust and became the Team Leader.

Well so far, Mr. Obama, you can hang onto your pen for a while yet. You have a choice to make about your B.S. 16-month withdrawal from Iraq campaign promise. It was B.S. when you first came up with it, and it's B.S. now. Your military leaders came to you and told you this, and we'll see if you listen to them or play politics. You, Reid, Murtha and the rest of the defeatocrats did your level best to lose that war and if President Bush wasn't a real leader you might have prevailed. I hope you have learned from that but you still seem to be lost as far as what the job of CinC entails. Well as a courtesy from this NCO to a new Commander, I will give you a very important lesson.

You can't end a war -- you either win it or lose it…

You also made a lot of noise during the campaign about how tough you would be in the "right" war Afghanistan. You claimed you'd invade Pakistan if you could find bin Laden, and you talked about how Iraq was a distraction from the real battle against al Qaeda. You now face a choice about those promises and you have blown the first step. You brought in your military leadership and then asked them what the end game and exit strategy was. I don't know if anyone left a manual on your desk, but that is your job…

Our military is not a tool to be used to further your political goals. I assume that is starting to sink in, and you still have to make the tough decisions. So man up sir, make the call and then prepare to stand by it. We'll see if the sign over your desk comes down.

More message and some salty video HERE.