Thursday, February 18, 2010


Nothing, as far as I know. But he's still been getting his revenge on me for three days now. At first I thought it might just be 12 hours of airline abuse combined with a more than 40-degree (F'heit) temperature change and a pitcher of margaritas. But I've come to the conclusions that it really is some nasty virus that put the hex on me the minute I landed in San Diego .

However, still having lots of fun with Grandson, which will include a whale-watching excursion tomorrow a.m., so must dash. Will detail my encounter with Air Canada later. Who knows, maybe after we return home there will be yet another ugly episode to relate!

Meanwhile, San Diego is warm and clear-skied and lush from a long, lone rain some weeks back. It's February, Toronto, and we were lolling on the beach in a hot sun and a cool breeze -- where the spousal unit was heard to utter one of his more memorable Canadian queries: "Are all these tattoos I keep seeing on everybody permanent?" Yes, dear -- even the two-year-olds.

Wow. I even had to shave my legs before the scheduled spring harvest in May. Don't think I could ever get used to this lifestyle.....