Friday, January 16, 2009


Graduated first in his class at the United States Air Force Academy, B.S., class of '73; seven years as an F-4 Phantom fighter jet pilot; M.S. and M.A. degrees; 28 years with U.S. Airways; and, at the time of his heroic float-landing,
he is a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley!) Center for Catastrophic Risk Management.
[Wiki bio here]

Also the last man off the sinking airbus of flight 1549.

Just another one of those
dumb losers who join the United States military for want of something more useful and productive to do.

Sorry to disappoint you,
Senator Charlie ("no bright young individual wants to fight...") Rangel, and Senator John Frickin ("study hard... or you get stuck in Iraq...") Kerry -- he's a better man than you are, Gunga Dingbat.

He's also the founder of Safety Reliability Methods, Inc. I suspect the customers will soon be lining up around the block.

Their motto:
"Proven Performance, Dedicated Professional Service, Uniquely Qualified Experts."

No, really?

155 sets of happy feet walk on their way today, thanks to Sully. So nice to meet a guy named Sully who makes the world a better place. (Not like some other Sully's we could mention, but won't.)


Well, not pies exactly. Just some things that make you kinda go "Hm-m-m." [hat-tip: the ever reliable Gateway Pundit]

Just how dangerous is it to be in the U.S. armed forces under the evil George W. Bush (as opposed to....)?

Just how demanding and essential is the position of Vice President for Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospital (relative to the increasing influence and earmark dollars of said Veep's nearest relative)?

(hint: Up until recently, this position was held by First Lady in Waiting Michelle Obama. The hospital has announced it has no plans to replace her.)

Now here's the real pie chart.