Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In this era of fiscal insecurity and empty cookie jars, the "No-one-nation-can-or-should-try-to-dominate-another-nation" Obama Regime has been busy sticking its fingers in the constitutional pie of a foreign country, to the tune of $23 million in funding (that's U.S. taxpayer funding) of various forces in the campaign to adopt a new constitution in KENYA.

To no one's great surprise (unless you count the surprise of learning that this is happening at all), the money is being used to assist those organizations in Kenya who want the new constitution to unravel the traditional anti-abortion ethos of most of the country's population, and open the doors to abortion on demand via the sort of "health" exception with which western countries that have been down that road are so familiar.

New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith, a well-known pro-life legislator, has been leading the hue and cry on this abhorrent and patently illegal expenditure by the U.S. government, via its embassy and the contraceptive imperialists at USAID. The story has been covered by FOX News, but most other reporting comes through religious media like LifesiteNews or EWTN (which is where I heard about it just this week).

Just when you think this regime has run out of bad ideas, they keep pumping them out. Most of the time there is such benighted confidence in the bad ideas that they're right out there for all to see (bailouts, healthcare, etc.), but sometimes they're just downright sneaky.

And how very odd that this news comes to light even as Mr. Obama has begun to send out
fundraising letters to his known supporters, letters in which he actually spells out his notion of what it is to be President, in the non-separated Church-State language of the Book of Genesis: "...a commitment to the idea that we are our brothers' keepers."

Is that right? Would that be the brothers in Kenya? It certainly doesn't seem to be the brothers in Arizona -- at least not the ones who are American citizens.

This fundraising letter is quite revealing -- a rare "moment" of transparency from Mr. O. [BTW, I got one too, thanks to a little experiment I conducted in 2008, along the same lines as certain other wily conservative spies.]

The letter outlines an ambiguous scheme for matching funds (you get to write to some unnamed matching donor a little billet-doux about "
why you decided to own a piece of this movement". [???? -- Oh the scatalogical associations.......] And, as usual, the only amounts suggested are $5 or $10, which is how they got away with gaming the system [read: cheating] in 2008.

Among my favourite lines in the text is: "it is with this commitment in mind that I have gone to work every day." Every day? Are you kidding me?

But why should my intrepid readers (most of whom, I suspect, did not receive one of these fine letters from Sanctimonious.com) be content with mere snippets? Here's the whole thing, for your edification. The subject line reads "This Moment".
Friend --

When Michelle and I decided that I would run for President, it was because of a shared belief in the power of community and connection, a commitment to the idea that we are our brothers' keepers.

With your help, that is how I have tried to govern.

Now -- with just 50 days until the November elections -- the progress we have achieved together is under attack.

But I have seen what you can do when the stakes are high, and I have never been more confident in your ability to deliver.

Today, I am asking you to take the next step in your support for Organizing for America.

Because this moment is so critical, another supporter has pledged to match any donation you make right now. A $5 donation will become $10.

Will you make a donation today and answer your fellow supporter's pledge to match whatever you can give?

Here's how it works:

-- You choose the amount you are able to give -- and it will be doubled by someone willing to match that amount.

-- You will be able to write a note to the person who matched your donation and let them know why you decided to own a piece of this movement.

There are a lot of people out there who do not believe we can continue this work.

But we've defied the naysayers before. It was supporters like you who stood up and said, I can call my neighbor and ask her to vote. I can write a letter to my member of Congress. I can volunteer a few hours to go door to door -- even after a hard day at work.

It was this commitment that ensured millions of Americans will no longer suffer the indignity of inadequate care, simply because an illness came too soon, or a procedure too late.

It was this commitment that allowed us to pass the toughest financial reform regulations since the Great Depression.

And it is with this commitment in mind that I have gone to work every day. Over the coming months, I will continue to fight for what is right and for what is necessary -- but I cannot do this alone.

Republicans have made it clear what they will do if elected this fall -- attempt to repeal our historic achievements and obstruct progress on the work that lies ahead.

But if we remember what we can build together, we can continue moving America forward.

Today, it starts with you. Your matched donation this month will enable us to execute the largest, most ambitious plan our party has ever run in an election of this kind. It will fund our Vote 2010 efforts in all 50 states. And it will help us stand up to the special interests trying to take over Congress.

It can shake up this fall's elections.

We built this movement with support from people like you, with small donations from millions of donors. And that was a conscious choice -- a choice that required us to demand more of our friends, our neighbors, and ourselves.

A fellow grassroots supporter is asking you to join them today -- and has pledged to match your individual donation.

Please donate $5 or more to help grow this movement in the critical weeks ahead:


Thank you,

President Barack Obama

The money goes to "Organizing for America", a group still in such worshipful thrall that they think it's to their advantage to call their donation site "donate.barackobama" -- even as his fellow-Democrats are running from him like little rabbits after a backfire.

Wake up and smell the oil sludge, people.