Saturday, February 14, 2009

"ENROLL'D IN THE CAPITOL" Brutus said of Julius Caesar's assassination

I've been reading and teaching
Julius Caesar of late, and have been struck time and again at how apt its formulations are for describing arrogant autocrats and the dangers of Messianic delusions. Check it out for yourself -- it rewards the effort.

NO, I'm not envisioning or recommending the bringing of concealed weapons into the Senate on State of the Union night. The Republic is not likely to fall, even with this remarkably foolish and unfit man at its helm. We'll figure out how to preserve it until the nightmare is over.
'If it were done -- when 'tis done -- 'twere well It were done quickly.'
So said Macbeth, on the brink of doing something foul. So said the Democrats of Congress in their obscene haste to ram home this pig of package before anyone could look too closely.

'All the perfumes of Arabia', all the lipstick on Rodeo Drive, cannot wash the ugly off this baby.

Considering the state of legislative standards, it is by no means too absurd to believe that this rush job was a product of Mrs. Pelosi's desire to be on time for her scheduled trip to Rome, to spew nonsense at some unfortunate Italian politicians, and to get face-time with the Pope.

It's sad to think that, if Rome was totally clueless about the schismatic bishop's Holocaust problem, there is very little chance that the Holy Father will
know that he is being used for a photo-op by a flagrantly public apostate Catholic. What did God make lightning for, if not to strike a political harlot like this one?!!!

So 'tis done. And many a tradition of ethics and equity in the conduct of public servants towards minority representatives has come undone. Reid and Pelosi preside with imperial tyranny, locking out the opposition, rolling over the Chief Executive, all with mendacious glee. The only thing transparent about the process has been the lying.

Equally undone is
any semblance of the image that candidate Barack Obama painted of himself: post-partisan, open, corruption-free, 'smart', responsible -- all, all lies. Quite an accomplishment, for a mere three weeks.

And did I mention we are now wrapping up our surrender to (a)
Russia, (b) Iran, and (c) terrorist legal blackmail? [Thanks, as always to Gateway Pundit] As we reel in disbelief that one man could roll out so much disaster in just a few weeks, many are remembering the one thing Obama said on the campaign trail which was the God's (as 'twere) honest truth:
"We are gonna remake this country block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county, state by state."
Well, it is clear, he's gonna give it the old college [Columbia, Harvard] try.

The news this week is so depressing (except for the
continuing story of how fantastically the election went in Iraq, where apparently people actually understand what's in their best interests when they drop their ballot in the box), that one is forced to focus on only one searingly important issue at a time, so here it is:

Michelle Obama had another dress disaster, this time in celebration of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, at Ford's Theatre in Washington. Apparently she thought a crinoline was in order, as a tribute to Mary Todd Lincoln. Apparently she borrowed one of Mary's old dresses. Michelle is at least 5'11". Mary was 5'2".

Take a lesson, Mrs. O, from lil' Mary, about covering your shoulders, 'mongst other things.

Can we make "stylist" a cabinet post? They've got one for just about everything else. (Same person needed to tell BHO that if you're going to wear a white tie to the Inauguration festivities, you wear tails. The tuxedo jacket outfit is called "black tie" for a reason. I'm just sayin'.)

At least when Nancy goes to Rome, she'll know how to dress for the occasion.