Friday, May 11, 2007


from Marine Corporal Tyler Rock [who, you'll recall, had a few choice words for Senator Harry Reid -- Rock seen here on his last day in Ramadi, having worked his way through four years of re-enlistments]
its weird not being there anymore. its almost likes ramadi is mine. thats odd to say but like i feel awkward leaving it for someone else to take care of. haha. almost like i dont think they can do the job. granted. i know they can and im glad to not be there anymore but i guess its the whole parent-child thing. all the other guys feel the same.
The New York Post wanted to know if Rock was the genuine article. So in the process of verifying his identity, he got off a few more good shots in the email exchange:

the truth is that we have done much more for the people in iraq than is posted to the people. ramadi was a terrible place in the beginning of this deployment (september). now the police in ramadi are doing patrols everyday and coming back with many, many IED’s and other explosive ordinance. the civilians are coming to us and telling us where the insurgents are. that should scream to the people back home that the iraqi’s want our help. they dont want insurgents in the area. all the insurgents are, are thugs and gangs. just in larger scale and more weapons. they terrorize the people to get what they want and the people are fed up with it. we dont “just blow things up”.

we care about the people here. we want these people to live as free as we do back home. thats why we are here. if we didnt care then why would we be working so hard to rebuild what is destroyed. we give them water. we give them food. and we respect their way of living.

with the other topic. my opinion is what i already stated in the email to pat. i am a marine in iraq that isnt getting the support from a senator that should support his fellow americans. when was the last time he was here. what does he know about us “losing” besides what he wants to believe. the truth is that we are pushing al qaeda out and we are pushing the insurgency out. we are here to support a nation.

Hat-tip for all of this to Young Americans documentarian Pat Dollard, who also provided the following clip from the Neal Boortz radio show. It's got lots of patriotic production values, which are nice but not necessary to the message. Watch and listen-- spread this word. And when push comes to shove, think about making that trip to D.C. if the day comes that we have to march on the chamber and wrestle it free from the turncoats.