Saturday, July 03, 2010

Terrorists -- 1

Me -- ZIP

Arrived only 40 minutes ahead of Air Canada departure instead of 60 minutes required for international (Canada, eh?) due to spin-0ff effects of a FREAKIN' HURRICANE, okay? Was (legally but stupidly) refused permission to board, and had to listen to the flight being called while I waited to re-book. Have now missed today's flight to Newfoundland, and am waiting to board my flight a mere 24 hours late.

Sitting in bar listening to Vuvuzelas blaring from nearby tube. Air travel has been an OWN GOAL since yesterday morning. Or perhaps "15-love", advantage Islamofascists. Red card, two-putt, sand-trap, double-fault, shoot-out, service break, and general balls-up.

Air travel: giving you that Irish-farmer-in-steerage-for-a-month feeling you can't get anywhere else. An overpriced experiential hair-shirt for the modern day. Unsurvivable without cell-phones. Other than that, an immense convenience. Must dash -- plane leaves from 200 feet away in 2.5 hours -- can't be late.