Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[Transition from Houston to Toronto to Newfoundland successful -- goodbye humidity and hundred-degree heat, plus Toronto smog -- goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Yiss b'y!

Meanwhile, back on the geopolitical stage.....]


Well, actually we're gonna need a bigger
BUS -- for the President -- because it's getting pretty crowded underneath the old one, what with all the folks Mr. Obama has thrown under it.

Maybe one like this will do:

Let's see now.... there was Grandma the typical whitey, and raving "old Uncle" Jeremiah, and Bill the bomber, and Bundler Jim.

And most recently, it was poor old
Charles Bolden (General, USMC, retired) head of NASA, who announced [to its target audience] the "foremost" aim of NASA's new direction, as conceived by the [cough, hack] Commander-in-Chief: making the Muslim world feel good about its [LONG] past glories in the spheres of math and science.


It was an announcement not well-received when it eventually surfaced back on the home front, but the Obama administration characteristically [gack, wheeze] stood its ground.

OOPS! No, wait, do-over please. As the public and the punditry turned up the heat, the Obama administration characteristically took a mulligan on its previous position, and delegated Press Spokesbuffoon Robert Gibbs to take it all back.

Bus. Bolden. Under.

But, let's face it, folks -- these people under the bus are just
not the [fill in the blank] we knew.


really crowded under that bus, what with Jumpin' Joe Biden throwing the whole durned NAACP under it.

Joe tells the world that (
pace the recent resolution of the ENDOUBLEACEYPEE), the Tea Party movement is not inherently racist.

Who knew? [hat-tip

....Now, back to the foggy nights and sunny days of the New Founde Lande, where, if the sun and the wind and the clouds are just right, the lapping waves turn a truly splendid shade of amethyst.

What day is it again?.......

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Terrorists -- 1

Me -- ZIP

Arrived only 40 minutes ahead of Air Canada departure instead of 60 minutes required for international (Canada, eh?) due to spin-0ff effects of a FREAKIN' HURRICANE, okay? Was (legally but stupidly) refused permission to board, and had to listen to the flight being called while I waited to re-book. Have now missed today's flight to Newfoundland, and am waiting to board my flight a mere 24 hours late.

Sitting in bar listening to Vuvuzelas blaring from nearby tube. Air travel has been an OWN GOAL since yesterday morning. Or perhaps "15-love", advantage Islamofascists. Red card, two-putt, sand-trap, double-fault, shoot-out, service break, and general balls-up.

Air travel: giving you that Irish-farmer-in-steerage-for-a-month feeling you can't get anywhere else. An overpriced experiential hair-shirt for the modern day. Unsurvivable without cell-phones. Other than that, an immense convenience. Must dash -- plane leaves from 200 feet away in 2.5 hours -- can't be late.