Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 -- good riddance -- for too many sad memories with the power to overshadow the good stuff; for separation, deaths, betrayal by "auld aquaintance" (too painful to "be forgot" quite yet) -- for cowardice and calumny from the squalid halls of government.

On the other hand... babies reached their one-year mark, kids took first steps on the road to life, scattered and shattered friends re-grouped and made music, good folks in distant lands laid down arms and came to the radical conclusion that U.S. Marines can walk on water.

Despite the amusing bumper sticker (heh), a man in a uniform brought promise of peace -- not so much through superior firepower as through unshakeable perseverence, not to mention compassionate, respectful, innovative, brilliantly intelligent and breathtakingly courageous toe-to-toe, man-to-man, cor ad cor exercise of human virtue, forging and drawing on the bonds of common humanity.

His nickname used to be Peaches.

Man of the Year (perhaps the decade),
General David Petraeus.

More people's chances for a Happy New year, and some light at the end of a smoking tunnel, probably depend on this one man at this moment than on any other person now living.

He has his detractors.

We spit on them.

I have a son in Iraq who is fighting boredom.

For that we thank you, General.

The sun has already risen on a better day.