Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thank you, Team U.S.A. , for not making it easy.

And now, as the flame is extinguished, Canada's greatest living dust bunny, Neil Young, looking like a porky gaucho, sings Long May You Run, which has about four lines relevant to the events of the evening, and the rest of them a bunch of stuck-in-the-sixties blather, but, hey, it's better than that ungrammatical Believe anthem, eh?

OMG, it's the dancing Mounties! The less said about the "I am Canadian" segment the better. It was all going so well until now..... Actually, I kind of like the giant beavers and flying moose, with their happy lumberjacks and voyageurs. But where's the beer?

Anyway, he shoots, he scores.

Over the past two weeks, Canadians have experienced what may be their first wave of raw patriotism since Trudeaupian post-war deconstruction sucked away the nation's heart and soul. And that is not a bad thing.

And how unexpected that it was all summed up in a rehabilitation of the long-abandoned politically incorrect anthem
The Maple Leaf Forever (new words, but it's a start).