Monday, March 19, 2007


Some days I spend a whole day crobbling
together a post for this blog. Other days there is absolutely no point, sometimes for the good reason that someone else has done it, said it, so much better than I could ever hope to.

Today thanks are due [a "hat-tip" hardly says it, a 21-gun salute might begin to cover it] to JULES CRITTENDEN at Pajamas Media and Forward Movement (via Hugh Hewitt), who has put together a post that should sear itself into the mind of every person who will express an opinion and/or cast a vote mindful of the state of our union anytime in the next two years.

Read it, watch every video (if you can bear it), and weep.

Weep for the busloads of cowards, traitors, drunks, frat-boys, shrikes, whores, monomaniacs, saccharine grannies, bloated bores, pocket-stuffers, pimps, pederasts, panderers, gropers, drowners, pasty-white-flabby-assed Monday-morning hangin' judges, posturing nit-pickers, onanist pig-counters, and assorted self-sodden mediocrities whom we routinely elect to the highest positions of power-- perverters of law, of language, and of the truths of history-- denizens of the political pond from the scum at the top, through the toxic larval wigglers in the middle, to the slithering bottom-feeders.

And then stand
in awe and wonder that there were ever people of courage, principle, and eloquence as those celebrated on this post, in such abundance as to have lived and written the history that brought us all into being.

And then
say a prayer that something short of a cloud of anthrax and radioactive fallout, and an acre of severed heads, gives enough of us the wake-up slap to be conscious of what, on our best day, we might be capable of doing for each other.