Thursday, October 16, 2008

What could be...



George Will on Gettysburg

Money quote:
Ours would be a better nation if boys and girls of all regions, and particularly the many high school and even college graduates who cannot place the Civil War in the correct half-century, could be moved, as large numbers of Americans used to be, by the names of Gettysburg battlefield sites, such as Devil's Den, the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, Culp's Hill and Little Round Top, instead of being like the visitor here who said it is amazing that so many great battles, such as Antietam and Chickamauga and Shiloh, occurred on Park Service land; and another visitor who doubted that the fighting here really was fierce because there are no bullet marks on the monuments.

And this sterling observation:
Recently, a Gold Star mother finally visited Gettysburg, after driving by it often en route to visit the Arlington grave of her son, who was killed in Iraq. She was especially moved by these words from a Gettysburg newspaper published four days after the battle: "Every name . . . is a lightning stroke to some heart, and breaks like thunder over some home, and falls a long black shadow upon some hearthstone." Gettysburg still stirs, but not as it used to, or should.
Updated: More new White House decor


There's a lot to be learned from Joe, not least of which is that maybe the education system in Toledo, Ohio is less broken than it is in other places. Joe, meet Todd. Todd, this is Joe.


The crazed right-wing storm-trooper who yelled "Kill him!" upon hearing the name Obama at a McCain/Palin rally is, in fact, a figment of fevered media imagination. Hoax. Never happened. Zerio corroboration. Zilch. Bupkus. Check it out.

Maybe "lie" is too strong a word. Barack probably believed it to be true. After all, he read it in the paper. And Keith Olbe
rman said it too. What more evidence is needed?

But those conservative crazies -- they are so scary. Good thing the left
remains above such low-rent tactics, as Michelle Malkin reminds us in a very abbreviated round-up. Wonder how the country will look when ACORN succeeds in putting these people in charge?

Good thing Obama promised us last night that William Ayers will not be part of his administration. We'll hold him to that. I love The Messiah's habit of countering charges that were never made, as opposed to giving an answer to those that have been.

Knock knock. Who's there?

Not an undergraduate dormroom. Bill Ayers' office door.

Not forty years ago -- today.

Can't wait to see the new decor scheme in the Obama White House.

Obama-Biden administration fridge magnets:

More rich people [gross receipts over $250K] likely to be socked -- maybe ruined -- by the Obama tax plan, reporting in just now to Laura Ingraham:


Construction company owner

Small manufacturer with 22 employees



Canada may have just voted in the Conservatives again, but that's no insurance against outbreaks of bleeding heart lunacy:
Multiple murderer awarded $6,000 because prison 'dragged its feet' on buying him his New Balance running shoes.