Saturday, March 28, 2009


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Broadbottom, fresh from presenting an "Overcharge" button to the Russians, and expressing the hope that North Koreans are listening to her on Greta von Susteren better than they listened to her when she was in Seoul, topped herself yet again on her recent visit to Mexico.

Privileged to stand up close to the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, she expressed her admiration by asking "Who painted it?" Her flummoxed host, one Monsignor Monroy, could only splutter, "God."

Now I have no quarrel if a week ago Hillary had never heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe, knew nothing of the story of how the image of the Blessed Virgin came to appear on the cloak of a peasant, and laughed heartily when she was told.

But wait --apparently, she wasn't told. But, hey -- how could this ridiculous monument to superstition possibly merit some advance leg-work by Hillary's minions anyway? They have far more important matters to attend to -- like boning up on their Russian translation....

Hillary returns stateside in triumph, stopping off in Houston tonight to accept probably her most fitting and well-deserved honor in a distinguished (?) career of standing next to important people. She steps up to the podium -- to follow in the footsteps of, among others, Katherine Hepburn, Phil Donahue, Canadian butcher-of-the-unborn Henry Morgentaler, and, perversely, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-- to accept the coveted Margaret Sanger Award for outstanding service in the cause of lifelessness.

Ah, yes, Margaret Sanger -- that apostle of eugenics, paragon of racism, saint of sterility, doyenne of demographic suicide. Who would not crave to stand heir to such a legacy, and to be publicly crowned with such dusty and desiccated laurels? A proud moment, Mrs. Clinton.

Were there no lightning bolts available in Mexico on Thursday?

[Hilarious Hillary Hat-tip: Gateway Pundit]