Saturday, June 17, 2006


DAY --

I’m delighted to have hung in there and been a witness to Fernando Pisani’s BRILLIANT, PERFECT overtime w
inner for the Oilers, taking the Stanley Cup series to a sixth game. Don’t know if the Oil-kings can pull it out, but getting there has been fun.

I'm having a hard time keeping up with my masquerade as a World Cup afficianado, though.

I was driving down the street minding my own business, England flag flapping out the window, when a
car driving toward me began to honk, and one hysteric was waving a bed-sheet-sized old bunting Union Jack out the car window. I realized only as I passed them that this was a salute in my direction, and that we were all celebrating something.

Fortunately when I arrived at my destination, a more-informed person than myself (married to Tottenham Hotspur’s biggest fan this side of the pond) brought me up to speed on England’s last-minute header to save their imperial bacon ag
ainst Trinidad/Tobago. This allowed me, later on, to be quick with the “thumbs-up” salute to a group of hollering young folk on a park bench sporting England’s spiffy white jersey and flags, looking like they’d had a rough afternoon of it. Go England! Justify that payroll!