Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The blogosphere's favourite law firm, Power Line, has the complete round-up on why the Big O's background as a Community O [seen at right during his First Temple period] is such a mockable thing, both in the specifics and the generalities. Drink deep -- it would be funny if it were not so sad.

Power Line
also digs into some of the Big O's claims about his legislative triumphs in the Senate, which, to no great surprise, he has inflated out of all compass.


Mona Charen at Jewish World Review is chewing on the decidedly distasteful notion that the media blitzkrieg of Sarah Palin has something to do with her having been distasteful enough to choose life for a Down Syndrome child, and then trot it [him] out before the public eye -- rather than doing what 90% of the other Americans in her same position would have done: abort the poor blighted thing. Tom Smith at TheRightCoast thinks it might be even simpler than that: it's the reaction of people who see kids generally as having a great big "ick factor." Rich Lowry at NRO has some related thoughts on the subject. They are all probably on to something.

This is a very special and complex brand of hypocrisy. The merchants and apostles of "choice" and of hedonism (if that's your choice) have the oddest way of turning Puritan when someone on the right wing tumbles to transgression.
Their attitudes toward those within their own bubble are not only different, they are at the farthest extreme of different.

They think
Bristol Palin is fit for nothing other than that antiquated concept of a woman's "confinement" for the duration of her nasty condition, but Demi Moore is celebrated for being nakedly, aggressively pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 -- pregnant with a child by husband Bruce Willis, from whom she split 11 years after a Hollywood wedding that cost almost $900,000 in 1987. Three daughters in tow, she eventully took up co-habitation with boy-toy Ashton Kutcher, 15 years her junior [he was ten years old when her first child was born]. They married two years later. Wow, folks, here they come down the red carpet! -- aren't they just GREAT???!!!! One of Hollywood's HOTTEST COUPLES!

Perhaps Bristol Palin should have shown up on stage with her mother, wearing some tight double-knit shirt that didn't quite cover her belly, itself hanging out over a non-maternity set of skin-tight leggings -- haven't we all seen a lot of these types tooting around the shops lately? It's a symptom of the Aggressively Pregnant fad, almost literally "in your face" with the belly [that's La Britney in the picture, by the way, but she has many non-famous imitators], which is often followed by the in-your-face Hummer-sized stroller and the noisily public "negotiations" with unruly toddlers who won't eat their Whole Foods multi-grain flax cookies.

But remember, please, this condition is just for wymin who CHOSE to be pregnant -- or maybe those who got caught by surprise but are so RICH and FAMOUS and COOL that any act of spontaneity is, like, WOW, I can so cope with this! It's AWESOME! The father? He's my trainer, my DJ, my rockstar live-in, and if he and his tattoos fly the coop it SO doesn't matter -- I've got money, hear me roar.

Daughters of conservative politicians from Hicksville, however, are just dumb sluts who are fit for The Shunning, especially by their close-minded crazoid churches.

I'm just sayin'.