Friday, April 11, 2008


OUR INTREPID REPORTER, self-embedded war correspondent MICHAEL YON, gets a very, very, very timely op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. As usual, he produces the unexpected, perhaps even the counter-intuitive.

The Ship of Fools which is the American Congress (at least its Democratic leadership, and their lap-dogs in both parties and in the press
gallery) should just give up and go home NOW, since they haven't the sense to hang their miserable heads in shame. Read it and weep, morons:

Let's 'Surge' Some More

[money quote

This leads us to the most out-of-date aspect of the Senate debate: the argument about the pace of troop withdrawals. Precisely because we have made so much political progress in the past year, rather than talking about force reduction, Congress should be figuring ways and means to increase troop levels. For all our successes, we still do not have enough troops. This makes the fight longer and more lethal for the troops who are fighting. To give one example, I just returned this week from Nineveh province, where I have spent probably eight months between 2005 to 2008, and it is clear that we remain stretched very thin from the Syrian border and through Mosul. Vast swaths of Nineveh are patrolled mostly by occasional overflights.

[emphasis added - as if!]

Yon remains the man. Proud to have been slippin' him cash lo these many years.