Thursday, May 13, 2010

about Supreme Court nominee ELENA KAGAN

[important, because, well..... there are so FEW of them]

Evan Gahr, over at Jewish World Review, begins:
Only Barack Obama, who ran for president just two years into his first senate term and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishments to be named later, could make inexperience a virtue.
And when you're fishing around for evidence of experience, go with what you know -- that is, Kagan and Obama both held the prestigious post of Editor of the Harvard Law Review. [Kagan wrote Very Little, but that's way more than Obama, who wrote Almost Nothing.] In her role as editor, Kagan apparently had an eye for the fiction, which is to say that she may well be the first editor to permit fictional short stories to be published in any law review.

Say what?, you ask -- why would anybody do that? Read on, and it becomes clear: fiction was the vehicle for an anti-white racist professor (Derrick Bell) to publish his wacko theories about the meaninglessness of law in a hopelessly racist America. Mmmm, heady stuff -- thoughtful, original, responsible journalism. Bell, to his credit, gives Elena Kagan full credit for being his enabler.

Fun facts you ought to know -- because there are so few.

Also at JWR, top-flight political analyst Michael Barone weighs in on a similar theme:

...behind their [Obama's and Kagan's] careful avoidance of incendiary issue positions one can find evidence that both the appointer and the appointee share the standpoint of the professor. They bring to public service attitudes that are commonplace in the faculty lounge but not nearly so common in the rest of America...

Obama himself... has pushed big government policies that seem like no-brainers to most professors but have aroused passionate and principled oppos
ition from the public at large. We are seeing what government by the faculty lounge looks like.
[Fun facts on Obama at Harvard -- again, because there are so few.]

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