Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Winefred bugs out for a few days, to attend a certain conference:

Ooh-rah, and all that. Winefred was proudly instrumental in arranging for the keynote speaker,

this guy.... [with that chest who needs kevlar?]

... who wrote this book==>

It's a long story.

Should be fun.

Will try valiantly to wave at Pope.

Film at 11:00.

What would Dante do?

Where would Dante put this guy? I imagine there's a very, very special little room with his name on it.

[Fair warning -- there's foul language. Kind of a Bill Maher specialty.]

As John Paul the Great, of happy memory, was wont to say, "Be not afraid." The vile slanders and poisonous hate of Bill Maher are not new-- we have endured worse, and who remembers the slanderers? Maher will pass away, perhaps stubbornly clinging to his bitterness and fear, and we will remember and believe in the divine order which governs all creatures, especially as it has been explained by such a
magister as this one: