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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compares American "extremists" trying to control women's "health" to those controlling, veiling, imprisoning, raping, selling, burning, stoning, beating, and dissolving with acid the women of the Muslim world, in her remarks at the hip and glamourous Women in the World conference now twinkling amid the bright lights of New York and Meryl Streep's Oscar. Wow.

All because a Georgetown Law-Student/left-wing-activist told the eager stenographers at a press event that she needs her student insurance (costing her $1,895 per annum -- while the average cost for an individual covered by an employer in 2011 was $5,429) to protect her from the consequences of three years of campus sex, after which she will graduate and make around $160,000 at her first job. Interestingly, her family did NOT subject her to an honour killing for bringing humiliation upon them through her public act of brazen hussy-dom.

Dear Mrs. Clinton: this is what it looks like to be a woman oppressed by the extremists in her society.

Below is one of the few photographs found at the links that follow which I dare put up for the unprepared visitor -- most of the others are too horrific to spring on any adult without warning. But do look at them -- look at what Secretary of State Hilary Clinton considers equivalent to a world with one less avenue for free contraceptives for the would-be-sterile American woman.


Here. [link corrected]


I now pronounce you man and baby-wife.

Today, while the glitterati self-medicate on their benevolent wonderfulness at the Women in the World confab, Afghan women contemplate their next move in the face of the Karzai government's acceptance of a throwback declaration from the council of leading Muslim clerics that women are a secondary species whose future lies in Sharia servitude.

Recall if you will: Mrs. Clinton proclaimed to the women of Afghanistan back in 2010, "We will not abandon you; we will stand with you always." And she gave them a photo-op in Bonn, Germany, last December. It was the ten-year anniversary of a conference convened ostensibly, risibly, so that the international community could work out a future for Afghanistan. In December they met again -- to plot the course for their craven crawl out the back door. Community organizing at its finest.

And from Instapundit:

Egypt celebrates International Women's Day by condemning the 1978 UN Convention on sexual discrimination as incompatible with Sharia law.

It made a nice symmetrical pairing with their aquittal of an army doctor accused of sexually assaulting female protesters by conducting "virginity tests".

In what tried very hard to be a related matter, cartoonist Gary Trudeau found his anti-anti-abortion comic strips getting booted from a number of newspaper pages this week, since they portrayed the new Texas pre-abortion ultrasound mandate as a form of rape (that comes in the Tuesday or Wednesday strip) because it requires a transvaginal examination.


The abortion itself requires all kinds of transvaginal goodies, from such graduated laminaria, cannulas and scoops as might be needed, to the partial-birthing perforator and cranioclast, the uses of which are self-evident (brought to you by the
Rhein Group, here in all their glory). If we are to believe that an ultrasound microphone constitutes invasion and rape, surely the potential abortion-mill customer has already implicitly agreed to a lot more serious indignities courtesy of the standard instruments of abortion.

The transvaginal ultrasound, I might add, can be used to examine those pregnant women who actually want their babies (I had one once) and later on in life it is useful for tracking the progress of uterine fibroids (had a couple of those too).

Get over it, Trudeau, and all your little clucking feminist acolytes along with you. There's nothing fun about a transvaginal ultrasound, but as invasions go, it's pretty much a tempest in my tea-pot.

Footnote: A caller to Mark Steyn (sitting in for the notorious Rush Limbaugh today) noted how the President of (we are led to believe) the entire United States managed to find time to call Ms. Fluke, the Georgetown former virgin, to express his sympathy that the big bad radio blow-hard blew her sensibilities a little too hard and called her nasty names. The caller wondered to Steyn why Mr. Obama had not yet found the time to call one single person who lost their entire life's goods, maybe their livelihood, and perhaps even some family members, in the recent tornadoes. Nor did he call to lend support and give due public recognition to the woman who lost both her legs while saving her own children from being crushed when a tornado destroyed their Indiana home. Maybe he'll remember her if he gets another shot at the SOTU. (God forbid. And I mean it, God.)

Odd. And Mr. Obama really didn't need to go out of his way to comfort Ms. Fluke -- he could have just hit speed-dial and passed on his message to Fluke's handler, former Obama Communications Director Anita Dunn, disgraced and bounced from her job after praising Mao Zedong in a strangely slurpy speech to high school grads. She seems to have landed on her purty liddle feet, and is now having public relations with Sandra Fluke, or something like that. It's all inside the Beltway to me.

Priorities, folks. Hopey Changitude.

Republicans want to steal your Lady-parts! Film at 11:00!