Monday, September 15, 2008

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for the Obama campaign....

Greta Van Susteren interviews ALASKA 'FIRST DUDE' TODD PALIN -- and -- DAMN! the guy can talk!!!!


If this is what constitutes a high school education in Alaska, then good for you Alaska. Todd Palin is charming, chatty, well-spoken, good vocab, ready to engage and answer at length. Not a rube, not a hillbilly, not a red-flannel-shirted red-state red-neck, not a duh-h-h-h, yup, nope, fer shure, land'o'goshen ma'am, ah couldn't rightly say, gun-totin', beer-swillin' MORON.



This is not what was supposed to happen. How dare he?! He's an accomplished, natural, reflective man, as worldly-wise as he needs to be, and perfectly presentable when it comes time to meet those Heads of State Charlie Gibson is so concerned about impressing.

Damn, double damn, with an extra helping of damn on the side!


Like, I so TOTALLY KNEW that Dr. Sara Tancredi on FOX's Prison Break was SO NOT DEAD, even when Linc was supposed to have found her HEAD in a box -- I just KNEW this couldn't be the end of the barely budding affair between her and Michael. (Actress Sarah Wayne Callies was preggers and took a season off. Nice to see her back in one piece.)

Duly noted: Domenic Purcell is now getting first billing in the credits,

ahead of Wentworth Miller. This probably has something to do with contract haggles, Domenic perhaps feeling that he had a more pivotal role than his second billing would indicate, especially since he stopped being the guy off someplace on death row, only heard from in passing, as he was during season one.

Glad the show is back. I hardly watch any TV entertainment shows
with regularity (news junkie that I am), but for some reason I'm hooked on two of the most brutally violent ones, Prison Break and CSI:NY. Downright kinky sometimes (the shows, that is -- me, not so much). But I like the characters, and the writing is good (CSI not so good sometimes). And of course, I'm always happy to support the work of troop-supporter and Iraqi-kid benefactor Gary Sinise.

Rock on, Detective.
Semper Fi.

LOTS OF SERIOUS DIRT to shovel today

but time is short this a.m., so I'll just proffer THIS, because Republicans have a sense of humor.

You just gotta laugh -- I mean, you GOTTA.

[hat-tip: RealClearPolitics]

Fey -- she's da BOMB. Brilliant.