Monday, June 02, 2008



Today is the opening day of the British Columbia Human Rights Commission kangaroo court trial of MacLean's Magazine for the thought crime of publishing an excerpt from Mark Steyn's (as it were) seminal work on the demographic suicide of the West.

Canada inches closer to parallel rule by Shari'a? Follow the story as National Post reporter Andrew Coyne liveblogs from the courtroom here.

Keep up to date with the merry band at Free Mark Steyn who have nominated him an honorary Scotsman in the William Wallace mold.

Buy a tee-shirt to support Steyn's (much less affluent) fellow victims of HRC tyranny, the Canuck 6 .

ATE , even as we speak (8:00 a.m. Western time), oh hip and edgy Vancouverites who once prided yourselves at being part of the "revolution", northern-most bead in the demonic rosary of the left coast -- outside Robson courthouse, with the merry band from the Covenant Zone, folks bold enough to envision a new Canada where we back up and start again at Magna Carta.


Presidential Hopeful Barack O'Bama visits Mt. Rushmore and asks the kind of tourist question that gets Americans mocked and deplored in the high-culture hot-spots of Europe:

"Duh, how did Cary Grant get up there?"

The day before, the Obamas resigned from their membership in Chicago's infamous Trinity United Church of .... [oh God, I can't even say it] after yet another flagrantly racist foaming diatribe was delivered, this time by guest preacher (and long-time Obama spiritual adviser, until that evening when he got scrubbed from the website) Catholic priest Fr. Michael Pfleger. Observe the following grotesque white minstrel shows:

And later the same day, at his own church, Saint Sabina:

And Mr. Obama expects us to take him at his word when he asks, "Duh, how did these racists get up there?"

Memo to Chicago's Cardinal Francis George (my dinner companion once, and a very fine man):

This is NOT ENOUGH. You must deal with this man.

I understand that the diocese has been reluctant to move or muzzle him because he's "popular and successful" in his parish. As Mother Teresa once put it: God does not ask us to be successful -- he asks us to be faithful.

Fr. Pfleger is a perverse, delusional, unstable megalomaniac in the thrall of the Evil One. Such people are often successful, and tremendously popular too!

One of the advantages of a hierarchical Church is that people in authority can act to purge those with spiritually poisonous views. I am never one to advocate kicking our worst offenders out of the priesthood, thereby loosing them on an unsuspecting society where they can do further harm under no one's authority.

I believe Fr. Pfleger (like Cardinal Law, and any number of other bad apples) should be moved to remote locations where good priests and other religious labour from dawn till dusk to minister to the truly deprived: the diseased, disabled, abandoned and impoverished of Africa, India, Jamaica, Haiti -- where every day is like the last, and tomorrow will look the same, as you bathe, clothe, feed, bandage, comfort, bless, and finally bury the poorest of the poor, day in and day out until the end of your days.

It is good work. It can redeem, even the arrogant showboater, or the craven and comfortable bureaucrat. Cardinal George, for the sake of the reputation of your wounded Church, and for the sake of the corrupted soul of your Chicago priest, deal with Fr. Pfleger, NOW.