Saturday, January 05, 2008

The goal of Democrats -- and their allies -- over the next two years should not and cannot be to stop the war cold turkey. The goal should be to politicize the issue in preparation for 2008.

"I may not agree with the assessment of the far left, but at least they're honest. They think we've lost in Iraq and that we should get out now. Contrast that with those who see in Iraq a wonderful opportunity to win more seats for their party, like publius. It pleases me to no end that if I end up getting killed in Iraq, at least my wife can take comfort in knowing my death may help the Democrats win the White House in 2008. Really, that makes it all worthwhile."

The passage above is an extract from a typically acerbic blog post written on February 19, 2007, by Major Andrew Olmsted, a career Army man who had been blogging since 2002. He began his first tour of Iraq in July of 2003, at which time his blog was picked up by the Rocky Mountain News.

Major Olmsted died on January 3, the first American fatality of 2008. His unit was ambushed by insurgents in Diyala province, north of Baghdad.

A man with such a lot to say would naturally leave a final post to be read in the event of his death. He asks that no one politicize his death, for any side of any argument.

Hmmm. Tall order.

Requiescat in pace.