Saturday, September 20, 2008



now floating about the lefty discourse, from the pursed lips of Congressmen, Actors, TV Talking Headcases, and Moonbat Disciples of Hopey-Chang
itude everywhere:
Jesus was a community organizer/
Pontius Pilate was a governor.

[For "Jesus" read Barack Obamessiah/
For "governor" read Sarah Barracuda]

So I'm thinkin'.....

Jesus worked to improve living conditions and civil rights for Jews
in the occupied Holy Land, which is why the Romans granted them all citizenship and permitted them to form an elected government with laws based on the Torah. And then the Romans outlawed slavery. And eventually they withdrew and let the Jews run their own country, of which the Second Temple, still standing in Jerusalem, is the cultural centerpiece. And Jesus died of a heart attack when Josephus the historian misrepresented and disrespected his public service record.

Yeah, that happened.

that governor, Pontius Pilate, served as the model for governors of all time -- of cowardice, corruption, cruelty, indifference and irresponsibility, ducking and washing his hands of the difficult, history-making decisions. And it is supremely fair, by association, to tar all subsequent bearers of his title with the faults of his character -- bearers like Sarah Palin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Adlai Stevenson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, William McKinley, Mario Cuomo, Anne Richards, Michael Dukakis, and William Jefferson Clinton.

Yeah, that's fair.

Meme retort of the month:

Pontius Pilate voted "present."