Tuesday, January 17, 2012



President Bush gave recognition to Spirit of America and its founder Jim Hake, but never spoke out publicly about what he knew of their work. HUGE MISTAKE. Back then, all Americans wanted to know what they could do to help the war effort, and Mr. Bush said almost nothing.

President Obama shows no evidence of even knowing about Spirit of America, or any of the other civilian programs to give aid to people living under Islamist tyranny -- and if he did know, drawing attention to their work would not fit his strategy of retreat and kow-tow. Now Americans are depressed about foreign entanglements, forgetful of the threats against their well-being, and fearful for their own economic futures.

We'll survive all that (I hope), and there will be plenty of room for the absolutely amazing work of Spirit of America or Operation International Children and others. So dig in, cough up, hand over, speak out, and change the world one little warm kid at a time.