Wednesday, September 08, 2010





Up until now I'd have been prepared to say that Fred Phelps and his inbred hell-hound Westboro Baptist Church [sic] clusterschtup were about the worst the United States had to offer -- worse than any brain-dead politician, maybe even more evil and twisted than a Weather Underground bomber.

But I gotta hand it to Pastor [sic] Terry Jones -- a man so self-righteous and hateful that he is prepared to risk inciting world-wide violence which would most likely see innocent civilians, Christian missionaries, and United States military personnel murdered in acts of revenge, just to make a point about the misguidedness of Islam.

Newsflash, Jones, you lobotomized freak -- you do not need to burn the Q'uran to get across your belief that its followers seem more inclined to attack their neighbours for having read the thing. We get it. We've gotten it for 1300 years.

You are a bad man, Jones. Once upon a time the sort of mob-style 'frontier justice' you advocate would have been enough to stir the community to turn on your kind of poisonous creep, and maybe they'd just have to burn YOU for the greater good.

It seems to me a good move at this point would be for some upright, pitchfork-totin' (or motorcycle-ridin') neighbours of yours to quietly kidnap you until this storm passes, and help you, um, see the error of your ways. Or maybe the local constabulary should just take you into protective custody on the appointed day, since a lot of us would happily trade your sorry ass for the welfare of our military children deployed overseas.

In the interim, here's an idea: STFU. For all of us.