Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sing-along La Mancha car karaoke proceeding splendidly: while bellowing away in the voice of Aldonza (I do them all, you know), I got slightly light-headed and ran a red light. Fortunately it was long after dark and the streets were coated in today's three inches of slushy white Global Warming, so nobody was around to see me or catch me (or be harmed by my negligence).


Speaking of the fairy-tale world of Climate Change,
Instapundit alerts us to this little item by Claudia Rosett among the Pajama people, regarding the UN eco-pimps who will be jetting to the tropics by the hundreds, to get hammered hammer out carbon footprint remedies, or some such bunkum. To the folks who put the "hip" in "hypocrite", Glenn Reynolds says
I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE ABOUT MY CARBON FOOTPRINT when U.N. “climate change” commissars are meeting on Bali — again.

[Rosett]“Yet again, we are asked to believe the UN deserves special exemptions from its own preachings. Its conferees are jetting to Bali for the greater good of all the little folk, whose job is merely to pay the bills for such pleasures, and live with any resulting rationing and regulation. According to the Jakarta Post, some 1,500 people from 192 countries are expected to attend this shindig — where UNEP claims that envoys of some 140 governments will be present.”

Somebody tell these people about Skype.
It continues to be just so weird that the whole universe of fat-cats and bigwigs appears wedded to the delusion that nobody's paying attention.



Even the cradle of the Beats has learned to recognize overbearing nanny (literally) statism when it rears its ugly little mob-capped head. Enjoy the response to latest research-based excretions from the American Academy of Pediatrics, who have so much time on their hands they can't think of anything more useful to do than to advocate the complete re-design of the all-American tube-steak, which has been deemed a choking hazard due to its elongated shape.

Rebecca Marx has this radical piece of advice:
"It's hard to think of how one would redesign a hot dog to be choke-proof, aside from selling it pre-chewed, but here's a novel idea: Perhaps parents could take it upon themselves to cut them up into small, bite-sized pieces before serving them to their kids. But why settle for common sense and personal responsibility when you can get a government agency or two to pick up the slack instead?"
Put a fork in that idea -- it's done.