Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HEY, I GOT LINKED ... sort of.

William Katz
-- "an intern for a U.S. senator; an officer in the Central Intelligence Agency; an assistant to Herman Kahn, the nuclear-war theorist; an editor at The New York Times Magazine; a comedy writer for Bob Newhart; an interviewer for The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson; and the author of ten novels" -- has his own blogsite now called Urgent Agenda. It features many wise words, among which is the pledge to do battle for the preservation of the English language, especially through avoidance of some of the most ubiquitous verbal crimes in popular use, collected on his "Endangered Speakies List".

I sent him my congratulations, and an appropriate "daffynition" of one of his pet speakies. He acknowledges me here. (Oh I'm so famous, she said "famously".)