Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Like most Republicans, I can't exactly rejoice. I'm still recovering from Fred taking a powder about three days after I sent him a hundred bucks. Giuliani has probably been my first choice on sheer political considerations -- i.e., he fears no man (nor woman) and could pretty much chew up and spit out anything or anybody that gets in the Great American Face -- something we've been lacking for a couple of decades.

He too is retiring from the field of battle, having tested the theory that sensible Americans would not allow themselves to be cheated of the full menu of candidates just because eleven people in Iowa rejected some and boosted others -- ditto New Hampshire, where the numbers must rise to at least four score and seven.

Without an incumbent Prez or Veep on either ticket for the first time in what seems like eons, the deep flaws in our eccentric primary/caucus system have revealed themselves, made all the worse by the Democrat-driven front-loading of this year's process, in the name of the Virtual Presidency of the Annointed (see here , scroll to "the Hillary thing") .

The alarums and laments about a likely McCain candidacy, and a rather less likely McCain victory, have begun, and they are compelling. National Review Online carries the best of them, here last night in the immediate aftermath, and this morning in a small symposium. I have said I could live with him, but he was third down the list of people I could live with. He was my guy in 2000 -- and then I got to know him better. Now, not so much....



By far the most comical response to recent political developments was the New York Chapter of the National Organization of Women crying foul that Massachusetts Senator Ted "the swimmer" Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama, thereby perpetrating the "greatest betrayal" of women and their feminist cause. [h/t:]

Ex-squeeze me? Let me get this straight-- feminists feel
betrayed because someone declines to support a woman who has (1) sat passively by, riding her husband's political coat-tails and rising to the senate on no merit of her own, while that same husband has groped, seduced, splattered, and likely raped a series of mostly vulnerable women (Canada's Belinda Strumpet not so much); and who has (2) actively joined with that same husband in dismissing, denigrating, harassing, and destroying those women, all in the pursuit of more and more political power and glory.

And furthermore (let me get this straight again) -- the "someone" who has declined to support this political womanbot on her quest for power is a man who emotionally wrecked a perfectly nice wife while fulfilling the family tradition of chasing every piece of tail in sight, including the sole act by which he ever exceeded the other Kennedy males at anything, that being the negligent, if not deliberate, homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne, who floated in an air pocket in his overturned car at Chappaquiddick for at least two hours before drowning, while Ted rested his sore back in a hotel room.

And endorsing Obama constitutes betrayal.



The Breck Girl, John Edwards, announces his departure from the race this morning.

I believe I spotted his empty suit in my rear-view mirror.


Good thing he's so rich he won't need to find a job.