Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Barack Obama knew "thousands of people," he tells us.

But increasingly it seems that the people he knew weren't the people he knew.

Jeremiah Wright, racist, is not the Jeremiah Wright he knew.

Tony Rezko, felon, is not the Tony Rezko he knew.

Now, to no one's great surprise, Bill Ayers, terrorist bomber, is not the Bill Ayers he knew.

How soon, as has already been speculated, will Obama claim that his wife Michelle, the angry, thin-skinned, racists-are-under-my-bed whiner, is not the Michelle Obama he knew.

How long before President Obama tells us that Madmood Ahmadinnerjacket, vaporizer of the State of Israel, is not the Madmood he knew?

Did Barry Obama spend his childhood taking candy from strangers, or what?

More to the point, is his childhood over yet?