Thursday, November 06, 2008


I can't claim to have any -- so I went searching and found some other people who put some good words together, when so many of us are speechless.

[hat-tip: Gateway Pundit

Beldar (Bill Dyer) over at Hugh Hewitt's Place, is worth quoting at length:

Mr. President-elect, you have been, and will remain even more frequently, in my prayers.

I pray that you may acquire wisdom — wisdom beyond your tender years, your thin experience, and your inconsequential legislative achievements — wisdom as a public servant in office, rather, that is at least commensurate with the skill you've shown as a campaigner, which has been a genuine marvel.

I pray for your health, because, with due respect, I regard the prospect of your Vice President-elect having to step into your shoes with genuine panic. Let's hope that he can continue to be Crazy Uncle Joe, less of a danger to the nation as Vice President than as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

You have said, at times, that you recognize that your greatest flaw is pride. I pray that your prayers for help in overcoming that flaw will be answered. You are surrounded, unfortunately, with an entourage who share that very flaw. Between now and January, I hope you will find time to read modern American history, and in particular, histories about John F. Kennedy, who you resemble in so many ways. Kennedy's youthful arrogance and ignorance nearly incinerated our planet — a fact of which you seem to be unaware, and that frightens me more than anything else about the prospect of your presidency. Mr. President-elect, you must learn history, so that you can avoid at least its most conspicuous mistakes — like those John Kennedy made in Vienna 1961 when he, as a young and presumably naive president, was tested and found completely wanting.

You will be my president too, and while I am filled with trepidation, I congratulate you as sincerely as I am able, and I wish the very best for you and our great country.


Memo to Secret Service:
Do not, under any circumstances,
permit any harm to come to President Obama. For the sake of America -- for the love of God! -- keep Botox Boy Biden safely tucked away in a secure undisclosed Bucket of Warm Spit.


Chrenkoff is the former blogger-voice crying in the wilderness during the early days of the war in Iraq, when things that were going well -- and there WERE some, lots in fact -- were deliberately buried by what were then the main conduits of information.

[hat-tips galore:
The Anchoress]

The future of information, by the way, is one of the many serious concerns to be monitored under the coming Democratic jack-boot. Drool for the Fairness [sic] Doctrine is already glistening on the lips of New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

There will be blood.


Regarding my sentiments in the previous post about how "for the sake of people like [Juan Williams] I wish that this first black president could have been a better man -- a man who was worthy, and (more importantly) prepared for the job he is about to undertake. Barack Obama is neither, and I think it is safe to predict that history will amply demonstrate this": according to some black conservatives at Booker Rising, I nailed this one.

We'll never have this moment again [of having the first black president]. It will always be tainted by Obama. The first black person to be elected president of the United States has basically said whatever needed to be said to get elected...

My biggest thing towards my black brothers and sisters is this: I can respect you voting for Barack Obama simply because he is a black man and this was the first opportunity to get a black man in office. Just say that. But please don't insult my intelligence by saying this man is qualified. He's not. He's plastic.

[hat-tip: Kathy Shaidle, Five Feet of Fury]


Chicago's Daley Machine (version 2.0) lands on the South Lawn:

Obama picks Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Chicago-bred Democratic partisan with a capital "P" (and that rhymes with "T" and that stands for "Trouble") for Chief of Staff.


As the recipient of profound and profoundly irreverent private circulars of Canadian journo hack David Warren, I replied to him this morning, something on the order of the following -- no sense wasting a good diatribe on mere personal correspondence:

[Regarding today's report of last-minute Obama mercenary vote-trawlers not being paid by the Anointed One's church-like organization] Amazing that a campaign simply dripping with cash can't, or won't, pay its folks (most of them, no doubt, of ACORN caliber). I was still getting emails from Michelle on election day with a fully functional "Last Chance to Donate" button, then from Barack himself on Wednesday (under the subject line "How this happened") with a "please donate" button -- which I clicked and found my stored information all set up for me: [alias: Atticus Finch]. As the Duchess of Windsor might put it, metrosexual men can never be too thin, and their tall horsie wives can never be too rich. (Horsie is not about Michelle's face -- she's pretty enough in the fleeting instants where she's not fixing to bite someone on the neck -- but she is somewhat oversized and gangly, and could never navigate on Sarah Palin's high heels without looking like a rugby thug.)

Further painful reflections on our "thumping" here, with which I am in wholehearted agreement.

Excellent piece on the 'irrevocable act' [this is Warren's Ottawa Citizen piece for Sunday-- read it there or at his site in a few days]. I will pass it on after it goes to press.

We must think up some epic epithet for the Brooks/Noonan/Parker/Frum/Will etc. turncoat brigade. Shall put on my slagging cap.

Not that he has counted for ANYTHING in the past couple of years, nor will be included in our Turncoat Brigade Moniker, but do you think Andrew Sullivan will finally rest easy, on his first and only quest for gynecological specifics re: Sarah Palin's medical history, as released this week? Is that one of the sickest manifestations of Palin Derangement Syndrome or what?

The insider Palin-bashing thing is very interesting. I don't disbelieve much of what is being said about her, I just find it so petty and unimportant -- even her alleged (probably exaggerated) ignorance of geography. She graduated from American public high school in the 1980's. What do people expect?

Not to mention that, in the way that Alaska keeps reminding me of Newfoundland (though I suspect Alaska is somewhat more sophisticated), there are a lot of very smart people who can do amazing things, so mentally and physically demanding that they would have the most tofu-conscious health-clubbing Ivy-League Beltway suit gasping, fainting, and pissing himself inside of a quarter of an hour. And it's entirely possible that a lot of these hardy country-folk might not be able to identify Zimbabwe or find Mustique on a map -- life has more important things for them to know, like how to read the sea and get home alive when your engine is (literally) flooded.

I don't give a #%$@ if Sarah is geography-challenged. What is more revealing is the sense, so beautifully communicated by Fox's Carl Cameron, of the contempt with which Mrs. Palin was undoubtedly treated when these revelations were, er, revealed. (Words are failing me.) I only saw Cameron's bit on O'Reilly, and missed his earlier report with that smarmy sun-tanned puke, Shepard Smith (whom I loathed on sight the day that Fox went on the air in Canada).

Did she really have tantrums when she saw how people were trying to lock her in the closet and only let her out to be humiliated by Really Important People like Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric? ["the professor -- and -- Marianne -- here on Gilligan's Isle....."] You betcha, she did -- what self-respecting, well-grounded woman/state governor wouldn't? Who did these handler creeps think they were?

All my good stuff is from Gateway Pundit this morning. He has a good link to the whole Palin-trashing thing. This theory is especially good.
I understand (from people like Sean Hannity, no less) that we are all called upon to be gracious and upbeat, fair and balanced, (audacious in our Hopey Changitude?) in the face of the new tomorrow. Crikey. Won't be getting on that bandwagon any too soon. Seem to be stuck in Bitter Clinger mode.

Talked to my sister on Tuesday night -- she a medieval scholar and administrator at a Catholic inst. of higher ed., and, on the whole, a more pious and rational and lady-like person than myself -- and I believe I heard her use the f-word twice, which may be twice more than I've ever heard her use it before. She is prepared to accept that we Amurrican Catlicks have been cheating on our prayer and penance regime, and that nothing less will save us. Crikey -- must we really cave in to this Superstitional Religulous Blackmail??????!!!!!!!

Speaking of which, moronic American Archbishop of Atlanta, Wilton Gregory, comments stupidly on the idea that Obambi's election as Comrade-in-Chief is of any relevance whatsoever to the prospect of an African Pope. So glad most of the responding commenters are flinging the appropriate level of spittle.

Shopping for black crepe -- yours, etc........