Wednesday, March 30, 2011



On the one hand, maybe we should congratulate that fine journ
alistic organ, Rolling Stone [see example of pioneering edgy cover art, left -- NO WARNING re: extremely graphic and disturbing image], for covering the story that no one else in the MSM will touch, for fear of making the Anointed One look bad from what's going on under his watch [see my post below] -- but wouldn't you know it, their version has to turn out to be a MASSIVE LIE.

How to we know? Because a guy in the know, on the scene, totally ahead of this story, has "called BULLSH*T" on Rolling Stone's heinous distortions.

Go ahead and read them
here, if you have nothing better to do -- and be sure to watch the Motorcycle Kill video ["WARNING!...extremely graphic and disturbing images" says Rolling Stone!] to see what kind of MURDEROUS MANIACS we have running around in the American uniform.

I watched it, and found myself scratching my head as to what was the big deal.

Of course, as it turns out, the soldiers involved in that incident were
never members of the so-called "kill team" which is the so-called subject of the article, and had turned their filmed record of this encounter over to Michael Yon a year ago because they had nothing to hide.

So if you really want to know what goes on, read Michael Yon as he
calls bullsh*t on Rolling Stone -- which may not be gathering any moss, but certainly knows a lot about collecting slime.