Thursday, September 09, 2010


Now be good little Jews and lie down while the Palestinians walk on your face as they take over Israel.

Had an interesting conversation with my Jewish eye doctor yesterday, who very sheepishly and confidentially let me know that, um, Israel, is uh, pretty unhappy with President Obama. No, really? I put him at his ease to speak the truth by replying that, prior to the 2008 election, I had often wondered aloud how any Jew could vote for this man, yet they did in droves -- they weren't listening to him then, and they regret it now. The sage of the spectacles nodded affirmation, and we discussed the traditional, yet waning, reflexive identification of Jews with liberalism, socialism, and, in America, the Democrat Party.

I had a late appointment and by 4:00 the doctor's office was rushing to a close to get its Jewish component home in time to begin the observance of Rosh Hoshana.

It seems that the O-man was rushing his observance too. Today we can read his official greetings for the High Holidays. [hat-tip PowerLine]Now, normally a President would concentrate on well-wishing for his own countrymen, but Mr. Obama, as a Citizen of the World, likes to go for the bigger picture and speak to one and all everywhere. And he like to preach -- have you noticed that? Well, he likes to preach to some people, anyway, especially the benighted ones who could most benefit from his infinite wisdom. Like those Jews.

So, L'Shana Tova, oh Chosen People. Shana Tova and shove it over. The Word of the The One has descended from the mountaintop just for you. He uses the royal "we", but of course he means "you people." You might want to take notes.
At a time when too many of our friends and neighbors are struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, it is up to us to do what we can to help those less fortunate.

At a time when prejudice and oppression still exist in the shadows of our society, it is up to us to stand as a beacon of freedom and tolerance and embrace the diversity that has always made us stronger as a people.

And at a time when Israelis and Palestinians have returned to direct dialogue, it is up to us to encourage and support those who are willing to move beyond their differences and work towards security and peace in the Holy Land. Progress will not come easy, it will not come quick. But today we had an opportunity to move forward, toward the goal we share--two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.

Now this is only fair. Because we all remember back when it was time for the President's Ramadan address how he lectured the Muslim world to end its long history of attacking its neighbours, and here in the 21st century to stop blowing people up, especially their own.

Oh wait -- that never happened. On Ramadan, Mr. O shamelessly sucked up to the Muslim world by telling them how wonderful were their contributions to the world, their embrace of diversity, their support of the advance of prosperity and opportunity, and their extraordinary contributions to America.

Mr. Obama seems to know that there are roughly 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. He declines to mention that in the same world there are only just over 13 million Jews (we're a few short after WWII). Aside from the lopsided disproportion in the ledger of educational, professional, scientific, and artistic accomplishment between these two populations ----- Mr. O assumes that none of the Jews are among the less fortunate (guess he's been reading Time magazine). And he is blind to the irony of talking about "struggling to keep... a roof over their heads" to the 6 million of those people who have to worry about dodging Kassam rockets by the thousands.

While I've been writing this, FOX News reports that Iranian dissidents have revealed the existence of a secret nuclear facility. Happy New Year indeed.

Update: The Ground Zero Mosque Imam went on Larry King (with Soledad, not Larry) and uttered a bunch of hilariously twisted blather about separation of Church and State, creating a "culture of worship for Muslims, Christians, and Jews", and made the argument that if they give in and change the location of this mosque, the Muslim radicals of the world might get offended and start blowing things up -- and he's "worried". That might not qualify as a threat, but it's certainly a form of blackmail. Like I said -- happy new year.