Wednesday, October 08, 2008


When push comes to shove, C
hicagObama supports the status quo: ineffective teachers and an expensive, impotent school system.

That's the gist of Part IV. In the preceding instalment of his four-part series, Sowell gave a sharp snapshot of Obama's addiction to Senate pork, especially where it had a directly self-serving benefit.

The series started with a view of David Freddoso's
Case Against Barack Obama , and moved on to the significance -- in regards to character, or perhaps "mettle"-- of Obama's (yes it's TRUE) belief that sex education for kindergartners is "the right thing to do." The theme of Sowell's 4-part series is the notion of the "real issues" -- something the pundits often talk about but fail to grasp.

Attention should be paid.

Not as spectacular as hanging around with terrorists or being nursed at the breast of hard-core communism or the race-grievance industry, but revealing and important nonetheless, and a more concrete basis on which to say NOBAMA.
Third parties on the outside can never know precisely what passed between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers. But they can know what passed from the Obama/Woods partnership to the forces of corruption in Chicago: BIG MONEY. And we can know the consequences of recorded votes in Illinois and Washington D.C. And therein hangs a tale for the next 28 days.

Last night's debate was stultifying, largely due to Brokaw's heavy hand, but Senator McCain passed on both the passion and the issues that could have made it a clear win.

1) The ECONOMY is OUR ISSUE -- when it comes to analyzing how we got here, Republicans hold ALL the cards. The Senator must pound them, and promise investigation and prosecution of the miscreants.

2) Obama heaps vague praises on the troops. Where were his words of condemnation when troops were compared to Nazis, called too dumb to get a better job, and treated as dupes who been 'betrayed' by General Petraeus? Is it praise to accuse them of killing civilians with air raids?

3) Maybe it's distasteful to go after Obama about his past p
ersonal relationships (I disagree), but names should be named in connection with grotesque educational philosophy (Ayers) and grotesque earmarks (Wright and Pfleger)-- two birds with one stone.

4) Sarah Palin can be the most high profile witness for the san
ctity of life since John Paul II. Contrast this with Obama's CAREER ADVOCACY of barbaric assaults on the unborn or accidentally born child.

Please, Senator McCain, STAND UP AND FIGHT!


Tomorrow is too late.


How do you solve a problem like Obama?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find the words that mean Obama--
A flibbertygibbet,
A will-o'-the-wisp,
A clown?

Many a thing he thinks he ought to tell you,
Even the things he doesn't understand.
But how does he make you stay,
And cough up your bucks to pay?
He makes it look so easy, and so grand!

Oh, how do you solve a problem like Obama?
How do you hold a moonbat in your hand?

I would like John McCain to win the election on November 4.

I wish it were clear to me that he did too.

I guess that's why they call the newsroom discussion after the debates a "post-mortem."