Saturday, March 01, 2008

When CODE PINK calls a CODE RED --
Who ya gonna call?

Not Ghostbusters!

Misery-muffin, motor-mouth, and pain-in-the-peacenik, the (appropriately-named) Medea Benjamin, apparently got into a scuffle with a drive-by spit artist while striking peaceful poses in front of the embattled Marine recruiting office in Berkeley, CA. She had the stones to chase after the guy until he got out of his car to confront her, at which time she feared for her safety and pushed the panic button.

Unfortunately for her, this time there were no police anywhere in sight, so she did what real Americans do in a crisis.

She called out for [wait for it] the Marines.

Some radio talker (of whom I know nothing else) covers the whole thing here.
h/t Michelle Malkin at HOT AIR]

Gotta love it.

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