Monday, October 06, 2008

Dear Senator McCain:

Even Saturday Night Live has clicked to the fact that the economic crisis is entirely the Democrats' fault, and that taxpayers have just coughed up $700 billion to cover the crap-outs of non-taxpaying parasites and credit-card addicts.

Watch this video of last Saturday's Bailout
spoof sketch, here:

......Oh wait. I watched it at 4:00 this afternoon, but it's now 7:30 and SNL has pulled it.

Guess their friends in the Obamarama camp found it an "inconvenient truth" and it has gone POOF! down the memory hole. Too bad. It was quite illustrative and on point. Obama-Ayres, Obama-Wright, Obama-ACORN, Obama-infanticide, Obama-Daley, Obama-Rezko, Obama-Rashid Khalidi & the PLO, heck even Obama-Michelle! all, POOF! down the memory hole, in pursuit of the coronation of the Almighty O.

You have 30 days to figure this out America.

You have about 30
minutes to figure this out, Senator McCain.

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