Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Throughout the political "season" (since when does a season last two years?) we have watched Juan Williams walk the tightrope between careful political analysis as the voice of rational liberalism on FoxNews, and the perspective of his own life as a black American, feeling the emotional tug of history at the prospect of the first black president.

A supporter of Hillary Clinton, he was nevertheless choked with emotion at the close of the Democratic convention at which Obama was nominated. On Inauguration Day his composure broke, just for a moment, as he tried to put into words what the day signified for people like him. (To his credit, he was ultimately at a loss for words, unlike so many others who treated their pedestrian observations as if the were profound.)

In the cold light of day (though he wrote it in the heady hours of the previous night), Juan Williams looks ahead to the comoing scrutiny of the new chief executive, and the perils associated with chronicling this historic figure -- and he


It is sufficient reading unto the day. Leave it for tomorrow to parse the vapidity and petty meanness of Mr. Obama's Forget-its-burg Address.

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