Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Add this to the body of general knowledge lacking in our President:


John Hinderaker over at Power Line tells of the Obamessiah's apparent cluelessness when setting eyes on the name "Orion" as one element of the name of a corporation involved in his clean energy roundtable -- such that the Barackster mispronounced it over and over again.

Attached to Hinderaker's memo is the following, from our boy Iowahawk, who once again, NAILS IT, with acuity that's just downright painful. The Presidential Teleprompter speaks:

Read more at Iowahawk's site, taking all precautions not to wet yourself laughing.


Bree said...

And Bush probably STILL can't pronounce "nuclear." Let's call it a draw.

Winefred said...

Point taken. Except maybe that the politicians who have said "nucular" -- Bush, Eisenhower, Clinton (about half the time), Walter Mondale, Arlen Specter, and even Jimmy (the nuclear engineer) Carter, who pronounced it "newkeeah" -- did so out of a bad version of a word they had heard before and knew the meaning of. It's hard to imagine that anyone who pronounces the constellation Orion as "OAR-ee-on" has ever heard it spoken -- which represents a pretty serious hole in a standard education. That was my point, which isn't entirely a draw in my view.