Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There's been a vacuum in my blogstream for more than a week. I'm just days from lift-off to Newfoundland for more than 5 weeks, so am eyeball-high in preparations for the August wedding of #2 son, which must be completed before I leave.

And am still slogging my way through a less-than-sterling experience of trying to direct bits of Julius Caesar with 12&13-year-olds, also coming to completion, if you can call it that, this week (one week late). Never wanted to do J.C. -- will never do it again. Too late smart.

There's also been a vacuum in my upstairs toilet for several days, after my attempt to save money by replacing old parts myself. That all appeared to go well until I turned the water back on and it said, "No, I don't think I'll be filling up that tank any time soon." Plumber arrives tomorrow.

Finally, I discover there's been a vacuum in my television viewing, since I missed all of Operation Iraqi Stephen on this past week's Colbert Report -- had to catch it all online in miniature.

Memo to the world: Watch all four shows. Watch the
four "B-roll" clips on YouTube. Buy the video when it comes out (as it no doubt shall). And give a hearty tip-of-the-hat and OOH-RAH to Colbert for his brilliant gift to all the deserving folks in uniform.

This bit worked well -- and showed a level of commitment rarely matched.

[Try to ignore the self-serving schlobber between Matt Lauer and some newsdoll afterward. Colbert is check/checkmate on this one.]

I enjoyed the shows so much I didn't even hurl when the Apologizer-in-Chief used the phrase "wants to play soldier" -- coming from him that was painful. We're still waiting for him to play President -- maybe by standing up for our allies in Israel, our potential allies on the streets of Iran, and our newest allies in Iraq (notice how Iraq was MIA in The One's recent pronoucements about hope for democracy in the Middle East? -- pathetic).

Instead, Obama has embarrassed himself by schlobbering on about "robust debate" leading to the Iranian election.

Here's a voter who had a robust debate with a government storm-trooper.

And here are just a few folks in Tehran who have the impression that one side of the "robust debate" went unheard. Some tea party, huh?

Of course, the MSM had little to contribute beyond strained comparisons with Bush/Gore 2000.

Oh yeah -- I remember people being shot in the streets of Florida like it was yesterday......


Anonymous said...

You do realize that any particularly supportive rhetoric will be used to discredit the demonstrators as American pawns and that, by not saying anything committal, Obama avoids allowing Ahmadinejad to portray this as Western meddling, right? Almost every Iranian expert under the sun is saying the same thing "Don't over commit. Stay out of it. Let the Iranian people work." The only people saying otherwise are Robert Kagan and various neoconservatives; the next thing they get right about the world will be the first.

Winefred said...

Why am I morally certain that the hundreds of thousands of people risking their lives and liberty on the streets of Tehran have no membership in that glorious group called "Almost every Iranian expert." You consult your experts, I'll listen to mine -- the ones with the bruises and bloody shirts, facing down the mullahcracy.

Anonymous said...

And none of your experts have asked the US to do anything either. Moussavi knows that if he looks in the slightest bit like a tool of the West-even though that is clearly false-it will hurt his cause.