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Don't be fooled. When you go to buy Sarah Palin's Going Rogue at your local book emporium, be sure to pick up the one with the cover photo that says "I'm enjoying the crisp Alaskan breezes", not the one that says "I'm in the political spotlight in my cute red suit."

By gum, they're a clever bunch over at O/R books and The Nation, who have collected some of the Left's finest commentators to bury their hatchets in the former Alaska Governor. Essays by a herd of snorting journo's are bound together for the reader's delectation, including such sterling prose stylists as Naomi Klein, Frank Rich, and Eve Ensler (think we'll get her vagina to crank out a monologue?). Can't wait to hear what they have to say? Then pick up the designer knock-off, the $10 Rolex of political biographies -- it's the one on the LEFT:

You'll know it by its paper cover -- the publishing world's equivalent of "direct-to-video". A scam so cheesy, even National Public Radio thinks it might be ethically challenged.

But if you want the real story, by the only Genuine Star of the '08 political constellation, lean to the RIGHT and get the other one, HARDCOVER, hot off the presses in mid-November.

Don't be fooled by these people who are SO much cleverer than YOU!!!

What does the O/R in
O/R Books stand for? The brand new publishing partnership of Oakes [John, whose clients have included Abbie Hoffman and John Waters] and Robinson [Colin, who previously published Noam Chomsky and Nobel Prize imposter Rigoberta Menchu]. Talk about pedigree, pal!!!

Phew!! That was a close one. It's almost too much for the cradle-to-grave welfare-dependent mind to process, and we all know that's the book-buying demographic both are aiming for, right?

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Summa Contra Improbos said...

Mother Winefred once corrected my spelling of the pittiable state "pleural marriage." Noting that the pleura, while situated within the chest and separated as parietel and visceral parts by a very thin potential space and a film of fluid, never actually marry. The correct term, for physicians so engrossed in medicine they can no longer spell, is "plural marriage."

So, of course, the spelling of the title "Going Rouge" seemd OK to me. In fact, my mis-spelling of plural made my cheeks rouge.