Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on the updated update: STUPAK CAVES

Update on the update:
Stupak still a no?

In times of fear and crisis, change your FIRST THINGS blog consultation from GATEWAY PUNDIT to


She has a way of distilling not just what's important among the issues, but what's the most important thing to be quietly praying for between clenched teeth. Pay heed, and your teeth might loosen up.

[While you're at it, pray for Bart Stupak and all the pro-life Democrats -- they need the courage of conviction right about now, since they are undergoing the modern-day political equivalent of
La Peine forte et dure at the hands of Speakress of the Chambre d'horreurs Madame Tussaud.]

UPDATE: apparently the pile-on strategy still works (as it did so often in centuries past). "Pro-life" Democrat Bart Stupak has caved. He needs prayers now more than ever, I guess.

Meanwhile, Pelosi stands out side the Chamber, with an ENORMOUS gavel -- she's so obtuse that she doesn't see the symbolism invested in a giant instrument with which to hammer the peasants into submission. Will get that picture up as soon as it's available.

First hat-tip item: the work of military chaplains in Afghanistan, from the Sacramento Bee. A post to truly inspire.

Next hat-tip, a surprisingly informative 90-second version of how the American House of Reprehensibles came to be voting on health care today [talk about your "servile work on the Sabbath!]:



Thanks again, and a tip of the chapeau to the Anchoress, aptly-named Island of Calm in a Turbulent Sea as Lily-Agnes used to say.

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