Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If you need a break from thinking about the three-ring circus in Libya (as the President clearly does), take a gander at...



"Fashion Icon" FLOTUS Michelle Obama swept through a swath of countries south of the equator sporting a series of outfits which, as usual, leave us, uh, wondering.... And she seems to have been put in charge of dressing her children in equally oddball concoctions.

The Fabulous Tom and Lorenzo weigh in with sensible opinions.

A pageant of 95 testimonies to the worst/weirdest-dressed First Lady in history -- masses of misses, and a few hits -- and hits are big ones, showing that with the right designs Mrs. O can wear dashing colours and cuts like few women can. So why has she accumulated such a collection of ill-fitting little cardigans that can spoil anything she puts on?

FashionFoisGras, shows what some of the outfits are supposed to look like.

(On the right: A great dress ($1000), if properly worn by someone who wears good shoes and stands up straight -- in the wrong hands, bears an uncomfortable r
esemblance to a Hudson's Bay blanket.)

It don't "sit" well or fit well.

How are things in Guacamole?

One of two cute sundresses worn down south. Both great dresses, but too little-girl to be worn in any but the most informal settings, not for tarmac arrivals by the President or official engagements.

Seems like a great dress. Curses, spoiled again! Yet ANOTHER crap necklace.

Now, wasn't that fun, ladies? Meow, meow, meow.

Much more fun than applying one's brain matter to the current crisis-es-eez, brought about by the presence of a swell-headed student council president in the Oval Office with his lanky, free-throw hands limply grasping the reins of power as
leader of the Free World. God help us.

I defer to
Instapundit. Here, here, here.

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