Thursday, March 01, 2012



What do we do now?

A great warrior for the cause -- perhaps the most warrior-like figure in the entire American conservative movement -- volatile, funny, abrasive, fearless, entirely at home in his own skin, always simmering and ready to boil -- it's probably accurate to say that he wore himself out in the cause of speaking the truth no matter how noisy and threatening the efforts to shout him down and shut him up.

(it just seems natural to call him by his last name, like he was his own corporation or country) was a brilliant innovator in all the new media, and his pioneering work has changed everything about the way we must approach politics if we are going to survive the gummy shackles of craven political correctness which now rules.

Roger Simon
has called him a whirlwind today, and indeed it's like a gale-force wind has gone out of our sails. Hard to imagine how we will survive what promises to be a bloody election year contest without his voice, cutting straight through the crap.

Good obit here.

Dennis Miller, for whom Breitbart was a charming and fun substitute radio host, has just called him a noble warrior who "killed it and ate it" -- ooh-rah.

I'm going to go out today and buy the book: RIGHTeous IndigNATION.

And watch for the movie, out soon, called (tellingly) Hating Breitbart.

Andrew leaves behind a wife and four young children. And masses of devastated colleagues and friends. And a monster contingent of bereaved fans.

Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

Requiescat in pace.

Look out, Heaven -- you have no idea what's comin'.

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