Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Working all week in a sweltering school gym helping with mid-school kiddie production of An Evening at Baker Street [The Speckled Band variety].  Holmes is 13, looks about 9, is doing brilliantly, and three or four other kids are actually acting: others, er, less successful.  (My sets and tin-plate lighting are brilliant too -- just thought it needed saying.)  Hope we can zip it up to where it runs less than three or four hours.  (I kid, I kid.)

I'm so dehydrated from sweat that my hands are puffed up like mittens.  Can't type worth beans.  Getting too old for this nonsense.

Hot.  Humid.  Hazy.  Smelly.  That's the Toronto we all know and love.

Please, God, SEND RAIN.

Please, God, help them learn their lines in the next 48 hours.

SOEAJUBG  (see, told you I couldn't type...)


They've just blown through town on the winds and wings of BBC series 2 -- as good as the first one.  Pre-ordered DVD arrived yesterday so I can go back and figure out what I just saw.  Also heard rumours that it was edited down on PBS, so there will perhaps be some new thrills and spills.  We kept calm, as directed, and carried on.  It was tough going.

Series 3?   If there is a God.  [And He makes it rain...]

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