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...with several important articles about all the places that are currently on fire.

Be warned: they feature graphic images -----LIKE THIS!

Inbred moron terrorists desecrate dead body of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens

Two Marines were also killed in this attack -- maybe the only two guards at the consulate?  Who knows.  But, naturally, to let the world know that the Obama administration is riddled with tough guys, some wobbly-lipped "officials", who "spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly" have now announced that 50 Marines from some elite task force are on their way to Tripoli [not Benghazi -- make sure everybody hears that] to shut the barn door after the horse has been stolen and put down.

"Several officials said the U.S. military was making no other moves to deploy troops, ships or aircraft in response to Tuesdays attack. A second Marine FAST element was standing by in Spain but had no orders to move, officials said."  [Ya gotta love those "officials".]  Thanks for the heads-up, guys -- now the inbred moron terrorists will be ready for them.

Of note:  Daily Caller has the trailer for the video which has supplied the excuse Islamofascists needed to mob and burn the embassies and kill people.  It apparently cost $5 million to make, though for the life of me I can't figure out what they spent the money on.  It's a total POS, not to put too fine a point on it.  But good sense and good taste never put the brakes on a mass of inbred morons with God on their side, did it?

Many other worthwhile pieces at Daily Caller too.

Wikipedia has been quick to update Stevens' short biography with the story of his death as we know it:  he had been taken to a second building, deemed safer, and he, his guards, and embassy employee Sean Smith died of smoke inhalation after a grenade was launched into the complex setting the buildings on fire.

No biography that I can find gives any personal information about Stevens, so apparently he had no wife and kids.  The website of the embassy in Tripoli has not yet caught up with the news, and still shows his smiling face, ending with these chilling niceties:
When he’s not meeting with government officials or foreign diplomats, you can find Ambassador Stevens meeting with Libyan academics, business people, and civil society activists, exploring Libya’s rich archaeological sites, and enjoying Libya’s varied cuisine.
After several diplomatic assignments in the Middle East and North Africa, Ambassador Stevens understands and speaks Arabic and French. He likes the Facebook page of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and hopes you will, too.
Update:  The home page of the Tripoli embassy has caught up, to the extent that they have four or five STERNLY WORDED WARNINGS and deplorings from the President and Sec-State.  But the travel advisories are anywhere from two weeks to one year out of date.  So go for it, world travellers -- could be exciting.

Amb. J. Christopher Stevens Requiescat in pace.

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